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Scanpans Coating

nonstick without compromise

Market leader on nonstick

SCANPAN is known all over the world for manufacturing cookware of the highest quality.

Our non­stick coatings are market leaders. We work hard to retain this position every single day. 

Product development occurs in close collaboration with award-winning chefs. Our technical specialists are continuously testing our products. 

The need to constantly strive towards improving even the best solutions lies deep in our family­owned company’s DNA. This results in world-class cookware, with nonstick coatings that are recognized and preferred by the most uncompromising chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

Two nonstick coatings

- one is exquisite, the other quite extraordinary


With the introduction of our STRATANIUM coating a few years ago, once again SCANPAN broke the boundaries of what a nonstick coating can do. We managed to develop a surface coating that combines an impressive release effect, durability and unique frying properties. With STRATANIUM you don’t need to use oil or fat when frying. Nor to reach the exact degree of crispiness and browning. With STRATANIUM, there is no need to worry about which utensils you use. The solid coating even allows the use of metal utensils. And cleaning has never been easier. STRATANIUM is our standard coating.


With STRATANIUM+ nonstick coating, you get all the great features from Stratanium – AND MORE. Chefs and food enthusiasts demand something extra. They hand-pick the best. This applies to everything that helps create the end result on the plate, not least the kitchen equipment. Stratanium+ nonstick coating has been developed for them in several ways: Flavour: The slightly rough surface is optimised to give the best cooking result. For example, you’ll be able to achieve more crispiness when frying than with any other coating. Durability: Frequent cooking wears down your kitchen equipment. That’s why we have made the Stratanium+ nonstick coating extra durable and thereby increased the kitchen equipment’s lifetime. Releasability: Stratanium+ gives optimum food release. Food doesn’t stick and cleaning is quick and easy. Stratanium+ has been tested and approved by professional chefs.



  • PERFORMANCE: Nonstick that sears, braises and deglazes.

  • HEALTHIER COOKING: Nonstick for healthier cooking with no oil. Safe and sustainable.

  • DURABILITY: Nonstick that is dishwasher and metal-utensil safe. Built to last.

Outstanding Performance

A unique coating

  • STRATANIUM´s main features include multiple layers of nonstick coating, including small and large, hard particles that interlock with thermally sprayed layers to reinforce the nonstick coating.
  • Layering this way makes it possible to increase the total thickness and get 30% better nonstick effect; 30% increased toughness and durability; while also improving the nonstick abrasion, and overall lifetime by 30%.
  • The result of this unique layering combination offers an outstanding cooking performance.
Commercial grade nonstick

STRATANIUM+ nonstick

With a fundamentally new technology, we have created the STRATANIUM+ nonstick.

Professional chefs really put the frying properties to the test. And the reviews of the new STRATANIUM+ coating are clear:

SCANPAN has succeeded in combining unrivalled releasability with frying properties that meet professional chefs’ highest requirements.

More about STRATANIUM+

STRATANIUM Collections:

Classic, Classic Induction, Ergonomic, ProIQ

STRATANIUM+ Collections:

CS+, HaptIQ, TechnIQ