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    Classic 20cm Bread Knife

    RRP: $83.95

    SCANPAN has rejuvenated their current popular Classic knives by upgrading the range with an elegant and sleek design - the Classic knife range has been modernised and the performance enhanced. The Classic knives are perfectly balanced with a new...


    Classic 14cm Baguette/Salami Knife

    RRP: $66.95

    This SCANPAN Classic Baguette/Salami Knife is a great addition to the Classic Knife Collection - it is the perfect size for cutting through crusty bagettes and rolls, and slices any Salami ,sausages ,pepperoni or other deli meats with ease. All SCANPAN...


    Classic Steel 20cm Bread Knife

    RRP: $97.95

    This Classic Steel 20cm bread Knife slices effortlessly through crusty loaves, bread rolls and tough skin such as pork crackling. All SCANPAN knives are guaranteed against manufacturing faults and defects for 10 years. SCANPAN has launched a new Classic...