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    Classic Diamond Sharpening Steel

    RRP: $110.00

    SCANPAN has rejuvenated their current popular Classic knives by upgrading the range with an elegant and sleek design - the Classic knife range has been modernised and the performance enhanced. The Classic knives are perfectly balanced with a new...


    Classic 20cm Chef's Knife with 3 Stage Sharpener

    RRP: $199.00

    Uncompromising quality and exceptional value have made SCANPAN Classic knives a best selling line of kitchen cutlery. Each knife is crafted from the finest grade German stainless steel. The blade is expertly ground, honed and tested. The angle is exact,...


    Classic 3 Stage Ceramic Sharpener

    RRP: $83.95

    This SCANPAN Classic 3 step ceramic water sharpener is extremely easy to use and recommended for sharpening SCANPAN knives and most other knife brands. The sharpener has three ceramic wheels - coarse, medium and fine to maintain your knife blades. Fill...