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    Impact 20cm Saucepan with 16/18/20cm Multi Steamer

    RRP: $239.00

    With many years of experience, SCANPAN's Danish designers have developed the popular stainless steel Impact range with all the features you would expect from SCANPAN. The 20cm/3.5L Saucepan has a stylish two tone matt/polished appearance with a glass lid...


    Impact 16/18/20cm Multi Steamer Insert with Lid

    RRP: $115.01

    The SCANPAN Impact high quality stainless steel steamer is multi size to fit all of your 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepans and pots. Steaming is a very healthy and effective method of cooking and surprisingly fast, whilst still retaining all of the goodness...


    Commercial 16/18/20cm Steamer with Lid

    RRP: $135.00

    This versatile piece from the SCANPAN Commercial range provides unrivalled durability. With the tubular stainless steel handle that is designed to stay cooler for longer and heavy duty stainless steel lid, this collection is as much at home in the...


    Coppernox 16/18/20cm Multi Steamer Insert

    RRP: $185.00

    This SCANPAN Coppernox multi steamer insert is the ideal accessory for your Coppernox cookware. The steamer fits all 16/18/20cm rims and will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of steaming with the added benefit of the steamer matching the...


    CLAD 5 16/18/20cm Steamer with Lid

    RRP: $145.00

    Cooking with stainless steel is made even easier with SCANPAN's premium CLAD 5 range of cookware. The exclusive 5 layer construction ensures an even heat distribution, and for those demanding only the best in stainless steel, this range will enhance all...


    Axis 20cm Multi Steamer Insert

    RRP: $149.01

    SCANPAN Axis has the convenience of a multi steamer in the range, the perfect accessory to any/all of the saucepans, along with any of the sets - especailly the 3 Piece Saucepan Set. Fits all 16/18/20cm diameter pots. High grade stainless steel with...