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There is no Planet B

It’s All About Choices

Here at SCANPAN, we are reminded that the choices we make today- the food we eat, the things we buy, how we travel- all have an impact on the future of our planet. This is the only earth we have. There is No Planet B. Since the first day we started making cookware, we have made a lot of choices to minimize our carbon footprint.

You can do the same.

Built to Last

High quality translates into sustainability. Our pans pass through human hands 8 times before they leave the factory. With proper care our pans last, minimizing the need to replace them and their carbon footprint.

Our Legacy –
Past and Future

Sustainability through waste reduction has been part of our DNA since 1956. Our products are made in Ryomgård, Denmark, under the strictest environmental standards. Combining artisan processes with high technology in our production to reduce our carbon footprint is part of our present and our future.

100% Recycled Aluminum

Recycle beer or soda cans? In a way, we do too! Our recycled aluminum is typically made from soda and beer cans that are reprocessed as quality alloy and refined to meet our standards. The use of 100% recycled aluminum in the production of our cookware at our factory in Denmark saves a tremendous amount of waste and energy. Don’t believe us? Look at the graphic on the right.

Decreasing Energy Consumption

Saving energy goes a long way to minimizing our carbon footprint. Our aluminum-based cookware heats up very quickly and requires no more than medium heat to sear, braise, or sauté. Less heat, less energy!

Safety from Harmful Chemicals

Apart from being the first manufacturer of non-stick cookware, we were the first manufacturer of cookware to introduce PFOA-free products to the market.
Today, all of our products are free from PFOS and PFOA to ensure safe cooking and minimize environmental harm.

It’s All About Choices

Great food and great cookware go hand in hand. Using environmentally friendly cookware doesn't limit performance or choice. We offer the home cook more best-in-class non-stick cookware tools than any other manufacturer in the marketplace to meet any culinary need.