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    CTX 4 Piece Starter Set

    RRP: $950.00

    The SCANPAN CTX Starter Set comprises of a 24cm Fry Pan, 24cm/4.8 Litre Casserole, Stainless Steel Fork and a Stainless Steel Spoon (both stainless steel utensils are safe to use on the non-stick surface). The CTX range uses the best 5 ply clad stainless...


    Classic Inox 10 Piece Cookware Set

    RRP: $969.01

    This set includes the 16cm/1.8L, 18cm/1.8L & 20cm/3.5L saucepans, 24cm/4.8L Dutch Oven, 26cm Fry Pan, Multi Steamer to fit 16/18/20cm, multipot 24cm set includes: Stockpot 24cm, pasta insert 24cm, multi steamer insert 24cm, and roasting pan with rack...


    Impact 10 Piece Cookware Set

    RRP: $1,129.01

    With many years of experience, SCANPAN's Danish designers have developed the popular stainless steel Impact range with all the features you would expect from SCANPAN. This 10 Piece Set is one of SCANPAN's best sellers! It features a stylish two tone...


    Coppernox 5 Piece Cookware Set

    RRP: $985.01

    This SCANPAN Coppernox 5 piece set expands on traditional cookware with its unique construction. This collection consists of 16 and 20cm saucepans, 24cm/4.8L dutch oven, 26cm fry pan and multi steamer with lid (16/20/24cm) that fits all pieces. The base...